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Lebt in einer Hausmannehe
Metalhead seit 30 Jahren
Mag Zeichnen, Bulletjournaling,Yoga,Katzen

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"Love people and use things - because the opposite never works!" - The #minimalist

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Give me your queer music recommendations! Ideally punk/hardcore or electronica in some way. Oh, or hip hop. I'm not so much into indie/singer songwriter these days.

Bonus points if there's vinyl I can buy.

I have G.L.O.S.S. already; I ain't no chump. And a LOVELACE / LAIN O split that I found via Bandcamp tags.

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So hard to find a new apartment when owning a cat. Now I understand why on moving day so many people just abandon cats.

Just for this reason, it should be illegal for landlords to discriminate based on pet ownership. It's cruel to the pets.

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People are talking a lot about "selling the platform" (mastodon, fediverse) to millions of people. I don't care about that at all. I just want to have a nice place for me and my friends (and new friends!). If someone else wants to do the PR to make it "successful", that's alright by me, but I don't care for it.
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BDSM = Birdwatching, DIY, Stamp-collecting, Model-building

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Hello. Happy Ostara if you celebrate it ✨

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Looks like I'll stream tonight. I am having trouble deciding what to play though, what do you want to watch? Options are:

Shadowrun Returns


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

#twitch #gameingparty

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Not fancy..But helpful.
bujos are tools no statusymbols

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Hey folks. We all have things to do, but remember doing nice things for yourself is very important as well. Don’t forget to make space in the day just for you.

Make your self care a habit. You’re worth it.

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"Behold," Anakin said, "the Light and the Dark sides are balanced."
"As the prophecy foretold!" Obi-Wan exclaimed.
"Tomorrow, turn to the dark side, the South hemisphere will," Yoda muttered.
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

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Adventures In: How Many Times Can I Ask The Void, “Does Everyone Hate Me?”, Before I Learn To Accept The Lack Of Response

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Kaffeetrinken und die Eichhörnchen vor dem Fenster beobachten. Das Leben ist grade schön.

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I'd like to chat with women who have chronic pain and have gone through a pregnancy or several, while also having chronic pain.

Because I have a lot of worries, and no I'm not pregnant, but I keep thinking "I shouldn't get pregnant, because i have chronic pain".

Feel free to boost to help me get in touch with someone here in the fediverse!

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Oh, reminder, 10th of April I'm having a birthday party stream!

I need some help though, I dunno what to play, or what other activities we could do.

What would you be interested in doing if you came by the stream that day?

Info is available on