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"Fitness plus is inviting everyone to the party"

who can afford our services and products, has access to electricity and wireless internet and has friends that do too.

What is our purpose? Consume more Apple products!

I mean we are practically saving the environment by buying new iPads, aren't we?

All the leakers were wrong about the squared design. I feel lost. What is real? How will I ever trust again?

Oh, no squared design for the . Good. Less incentive to upgrade from your perfectly good older Apple Watch.

Seriously. With new getting USB-C too the stupid Lightning port on the iPhone gets even more annoying. Sigh.

I am having a hard time using a display with only 60 Hz by now to be honest.

God, I loved the but I couldn't imaging doing anything meaningful with it today.

Big fan of the squared look though.

There is more hybris in ten minutes of an than a full parliament term of political speeches.

Did Tim Cook just say the iPad is like no other because it has a touch screen?

Die neue Tesla App: Sehr viel detaillierter, vieles neu organisiert und angeblich schneller beim Verbinden (kann ich bisher nicht feststellen) 👇⚡️

"Apple hat diesem Fall sogar eine Pressemitteilung gewidmet, aber es ändert sich nichts. Apple macht sogar klar, dass das nur für US-Entwickler gilt, als Entwickler in Europa muss man weiterhin vorsichtig sein."

"We are thinking about a real simple thing where you just download the Tesla app, you go to the Supercharger, you just indicate which stall you are in, you plug in your car [...] and you just access the app to tell it “turn on the stall."

Blackwater Park von ist und bleibt für mich das stärkste Album der Band und definierte ihren Sound (von dem sie sich mittlerweile weit entfernt hat). Es wurde dieses Jahr 20 Jahre alt 🙈

Hey how about some DC comic skins? Would love to see some classic hero designs without the added bulk of a case

Nutze parallel zum seit Monaten auch ein und bin erstaunt: Die Anzahl an UI-Bugs aufgrund des kleines Displays ist für Apple Verhältnisse schon untypisch…

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