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Kann das neue ein Laptop ersetzen? (M)eine Antwort darauf gibt es nach vier Monaten Selbstversuch ab jetzt im Blog 👇

1. WTF ist das Teil schwer und der Kamera-Hügel riesig. OMG
2. Wieviel geiler ist der matte Silberrahmen vom Non-Pro?


Hi I have been using (and recommending) your marvelous agenda widget for years. Recently I noticed the my Google calendars are not showing (Pixel 5/stable Android 11/no mods). Any tipp/advice?

Hey, ab wann kann man denn mit Mietmöglichkeiten bei euch rechnen?

Hey, ab wann kann man denn mit Mietmöglichkeiten bei euch rechnen?

Calling the 60 Hz display „poverty motion“ is surely meant to be a diss towards Apple?

Still, I can’t help but feel like comes across rather elitist here 👇

I can't help but feel that the excess of consumerism displayed in these shows will be a tragic object of historic debate in 50 years.

If there are people left having historic debates that is.

But that's enough doom n gloom for today. Time to preorder new phones 💸

"with sensor chip OIS"

who else heard "censorship"?

Just me?


So, still no Always-On-Display for the (regular) ? Still innovating I guess.

What? Only 50 % faster on a completely arbitrary scale? Why not 500 %?!

The notch is smaller but its still 60 Hz on the regular (Mini). Sad.

"The lenses are oriented diagonally instead of in a straight line" as an actual feature. Wow.

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