OK. Some people keep rating the app one star because I don't block an instance.

Unfortunately, their lack of comprehension concerning the Fediverse (manipulated by some propaganda) make they think that the app is not safe to use.

You have every tools with the app to avoid interacting with people you don't want to see.

@fedilab can you elaborate on the propaganda in the instance you won't block? Was it, for example, tied to an extremist terrorist attack?

@fedilab you were just talking about propaganda to defend your decision a moment ago, so why don't we talk about the instance you're supporting?

The #synagoguemassacre suspect was radicalized there for example.


I don't support anything. I won't block anything as far as a market doesn't ask me to do so.
It's useless, it doesn't protect from seeing messages from these instances (many people think it will).

@fedilab Your selective silence (can't mention Gab, the #synagogueshooting, the violent and extremist material promoted there) and your selective wording (calling whatever points it out "propaganda") makes it very clear what you support and condemn.

@silvershovel @fedilab They don't want to have to block instances. If they block Gab, next up will be freespeechextremist, or smugloli, or something similar. It's not their role to choose who can and can't use their app.

@DashEquals I just discovered Fedilab doesn't mind blocking as long as it's people who make them uncomfortable.

Dont confuse the app and the server instances. It's the job of server admins to block unwanted content. NOT the job of a programmer of an App. Fedilab is an App to access the federation.
You don't forbid having a knive because you could hurt someone. Fedilab is the knive.

@DanTheFan @DashEquals in this case, it looks more like Fedilab is helping users access a service that was previously banned from the Google Play store...

Do you expect Chrome of Firefox to block certain websites? No! Why do you expect Fedilab to do that?
It's the very same thing. Browsers are tools to access websites, and as far as I'm concerned, I don't want to have a browser whose developers decide what to see.
Fedilab is just a tool to access Mastodon instances.

@DanTheFan @DashEquals Except Gab wasn't a web browser, it was a social app, so the comparison doesn't fit. Fedilab is Gab's way to circumvent the ban without even developing their own software.

I also wonder if Fedilab is inspired by some degree because of a profit motive.

Fedilab is basically one guy who really tries to do the right thing.
Gab is not switching to fedilab, they plan to use Mastodon as far as I understand, and fedilab will be just one app amongst many to access it.

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