#borg backup doesn't work anymore, it did for a year, now I get:

Remote: sh: borg: command not found Connection closed by remote host. Is borg working on the server?

Any idea why this suddenly happens from multiple systems doing a backup to the same destination server?


Typical error: Script is not executable.

Actually 2 possible reasons come to my mind.
1. borg is not running or the borg executable is not where it should be.
2. Your backup script or any of the scripts involved is not executable.

@DanTheFan I found the that "which borg" gave me the path to borg, but I found that path was different from the one of the machine that serves the backup (that I perform the backup on), which for some reason seems to be the problem. It seems that borg can't find the correct path on the Synology NAS anymore, it worked for some months.

I now did "ln -s" to create a symlink in the same path as the serving machines borg is in. That seems to have solved the problem.

I find this very strange.
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