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Introductions are still a thing I guess. oh well.
Hi, my name is Bernhard, sadly I get/got abbreviated to "Bernie" a lot, which I fucking hate, but with "Burni" I can live rather well.

I'm hugely into privacy, security, metal, rock, Playmobil, and fact based EVERYTHING. If you're offended by the use of swear words - evade me and my toots, because I swear. I use real language, not some censored pseudospeak.

I love to write science fiction and fantasy, which I also love to read - 1/3

Neue kommt Freitag nächster Woche.
Montag geht's allerdings ab in den .

Workaround Ideen?

I emerge from the shower to find son and wife hectically closing windows. I inquire what's the deal, and they tell me that something fell down/over and broke in the livingroom, but they couldn't find it.

I found it. I just don't know HOW...

I didn't have any inclination to visit that shithole anyway, but now it's getting ridiculous. Well. I can do without that 'country'...

My government just dissolved.
The neighbors are thinking about censorship (just around Elections).

Welcome to Europe 2019, when StaSi/KGB and GeStaPo are hip and Nazis are victims.

I'm picturing Borg nanoprobes violently tackling (bad) odours. Or a black OPs team shooting down individual odour molecules with anti-aircraft missiles.

I hate the marketing cretins who came up with this shit....

Book exchange. This phone can save reading. (That pun only works in German)

The things I love about the current day and age...

Spring has arrived in the city: you can hear the mating calls of the adult jackhammers in the streets...

Fixed the . ' left shoulder, now the poor has two severed and reattached in addition to the wounds... Guess he took on a few to attone for. ;)

Happy .

Wie die DAS exekutieren wollen ist mir zwar schleierhaft, aber b nichts desto trotz.
Gegen Klarnamenpflicht.
Gegen Rechts.
Gegen Links.

Had a dishwasher delivered to us on 28th February. It broke today. Repair crew can't come until 11th April. No guarantee they can fix/replace it right away.

Wanna do this scene from Office Space (replace printer with dishwasher)

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