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Introductions are still a thing I guess. oh well.
Hi, my name is Bernhard, sadly I get/got abbreviated to "Bernie" a lot, which I fucking hate, but with "Burni" I can live rather well.

I'm hugely into privacy, security, metal, rock, Playmobil, and fact based EVERYTHING. If you're offended by the use of swear words - evade me and my toots, because I swear. I use real language, not some censored pseudospeak.

I love to write science fiction and fantasy, which I also love to read - 1/3

: Why do kids wake up at 6am on a , but on a when you wake them at the same time (or later) they are in a like state? :/
Good Morning.

Omnia illa et ante fiebant
Omnia illa et rurus fient

is here. So here's a post of mine from 2017, that's as current as then.
Finally the causing grinning will vanish from the streets. The deceitfull will stop being repeated everywhere. The will be dragged from the streets and put to work in .

Falls die Straßenbahnen heute wehen einer Klima Demonstration behindert wurden: wegen euch Pennern habe ich ein Taxi nehmen müssen um mein Kind rechtzeitig von der Schule abholen zu können. Danke. Auch vom Klima.

I have questions...."Why?" is only the first one...

Ich habe Fragen...."Warum?" ist nur die erste...

Der Irrglaube, dass man nichts zu verbergen habe, ist leider weit verbreitet. Hier wird gut erklärt, warum dieses Argument ein falsches ist und jeder von uns sehr wohl sehr viel zu verbergen hat!

So, the plumbing company our landlord usually employs (ahem...nepotism...ahem) fucked up. A valve burst yesterday evening, fire dept.closed the water lines...but only the cold water...which means dishwasher, washing machine and toilet aren't functional, shower and sinks are friggin hot...we had a plumber here, he doesn't have that valve. No one has.
I'm curious, well there be normal water usage possible on Monday?(probably not) Am I going to workout as usual?(yes!)

**German groups lose GMO soybean battle to Monsanto at top European court**

"The European Court of Justice dismissed an action brought by three German NGOs against the authorization of genetically modified soy products. The NGOs argued more research was necessary to determine the product's risks."

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**Pieks und immun? So funktionieren Impfungen**

"Unser Immunsystem hat einiges zu tun, ständig kämpft es gegen Viren, Bakterien, Infektionen und andere Krankheiten. Mit Impfungen greifen wir ihm unter die Arme – und leisten einen Beitrag zur Weltgesundheit. Jawohl!"

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Hey y'all, a man's gotta work and do family stuff. Just so you don't think I forgot you. The discussion ain't over yet. 😉

**Japan parental leave case puts spotlight on workers' rights**

"A male employee is suing sportswear maker Asics Corp for alleged mistreatment after taking paternity leave, a case that has shone a spotlight on gender equality and workers' rights in Japan. "

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The kids have been exposed to The Hobbit.

Me: What did you think about that ring? Would you like a magic ring like that?
4yo: Yeah!
Me: What would you do with a magic invisibility ring?
4yo: Uh… turn invisible???
Me: 🤦🏻‍♂️ What then? What would you do when invisible with a ring?
4yo: Uh… run out of jail?
Me: Wait. What are you doing in jail?!? How did you get in there? What is this narrative???

So. Das morgendliche Workout wäre hiermit auch erledigt.

My blood pressure : 130/ 89;
My Heart Rate :  81;
My oxygen :  97;

Schönen Tag euch. ;)

Linux For Everyone | Episode 6: "Paid Distros and Linux Laptops".

This episodes main topics are inspired entirely by community conversations in the show's Telegram group.

Conversation about the Linux laptop ecosystem, buying systems from Linux laptop manufacturers like System76, Dell and Purism +much more!


Follow Mr. Evangelho: @killyourfm
#podcast #Linux #Linux4Everyone #Purism #System76

"Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there!
He wasn't there again today,
Oh how I wish he'd go away!"

Got a new Lego figure that better fits the narrative. Hence, a new picture.

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