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Introductions are still a thing I guess. oh well.
Hi, my name is Bernhard, sadly I get/got abbreviated to "Bernie" a lot, which I fucking hate, but with "Burni" I can live rather well.

I'm hugely into privacy, security, metal, rock, Playmobil, and fact based EVERYTHING. If you're offended by the use of swear words - evade me and my toots, because I swear. I use real language, not some censored pseudospeak.

I love to write science fiction and fantasy, which I also love to read - 1/3

So. Today my 6yr old, who never got into fights, not even in order to defend himself, came home telling us that he beat up one of his friends because he hurt his (girl-?)friend....yes. Beat up.

What is the correct parental response to that?
What. The. Fuck.
I don't particularly care for my real neighbours, and I especially don't give a fuck about my 'number neighbors'...


#Onlineshop trickst #Kaufbots mit teuren Produktbildern aus.

Fast 700.000 Zugriffe erfasst der Onlineshop eines kleinen Schuhladens in Frankfurt, wenn ein seltener Sneaker im Angebot ist. Bots kaufen sie in Massen ein, um sie später noch teurer zu verkaufen. Neuerdings kaufen sie allerdings nur Bilder der Schuhe ein - ein Trick, der anscheinend funktioniert. ...

Those little yellow dudes are the embodiment of WTF. At least in this setting. 🤣

I get the weirdest spam... this and a shortened URL was all there was

"Look at mannerly amputate classification greatly a substitute alternatively of you. "

Spam or Zen Buddhism? I have no idea tbh

#Klima: #Hitzekarte zeigt heißeste Stadtviertel

„Die enorme Hitze belastet alle Menschen in Wien, besonders Kindern macht sie zu schaffen, aber auch alten Menschen, die ihre Wohnungen nicht mehr verlassen und manchmal vereinsamen“, sagt die grüne Planungsstadträtin Birgit Hebein, die das Projekt initiiert hat. Die Hitzekarten wurden im Auftrag der Stadt #Wien von dem tschechischen Start-Up Ecoten erstellt.

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black is doom 😉
mais pas trop quand même! avec la canicule on met du gris clair 😜
#doommetal #humour #Metal

It could even be years later, who knows if this is from last year's tree???

3. August 2019. I found one of the Christmastree's needles today. No matter how thorough and often you tidy up and clean the house, one gets away and surprises you months later...

“Did it hurt?”

“Did what hurt?”

“When you fell from heaven?”

“No, but I chipped a nail clawing my way out of the pits of hell, and my ears are still ringing from the wails of the unrighteous, and my nostrils sting with the odor of sizzling human fat, lo I beheld a pale horse and he that sat upon him...”

Japan hat die Züchtung von Tier-Mensch-Mischwesen legalisiert. Forscher hoffen, in Zukunft passgenaue Organe für Patienten züchten zu können. Aber ist das ethisch unbedenklich?… #WDR2 #Hybrid-Geburten #Genetik #Japan #Mischwesen #Organzüchten

Wien ist toll ;-) Wo anders hätten sie Meth-Köche ausgehoben ;p Chronik: Illegale Teigtascherlfabrik ausgehoben

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting –
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things."

— Mary Oliver, "Wild Geese"


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