Me in 2021: I’ll never understand live streamers.

Also Me in 2003: Uploading camera snapshots every 2s to people I was playing Ultima Online with, while downloading theirs in return and chatting via IRC.

Not much changed, eh? 🤷 (

@Antzessin I do.

I was talking about Twitch streamers and alike.

And yes, I even do that on occasion. Just chuckling that nothing of this is really new.

In 2003 I was playing a PBEM (, communicating via forum. And with RL friends! 🙃

@Antzessin that's verly… closed. Like every link is a Forbidden o0


¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ Chronator? Let's see how twitch looks like in 20 years. 🙂 or the fediverse.

@Antzessin who knows. My own site will still be there, as it was 20 years ago tho :P

(IF I don't die today like the news suggest 💉 💉 )

Ah, thank you. 😏 Now I spent my time on YT. The Portal song is boring, but I found Pearl Jam, The Ghost Inside and Happy Tree Friends. 😀

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