My listening week. A lot of black metal with some death metal mixed in. 3 non metal albums. Knower, Anti Cimex, and some post punk band.

Everything was really good! I highly recommend Craft and Fetid for some good black and death metal respectively

Arkanum - Kostogher

Do you like black metal? I like black metal. Do you like fairly good riifs, creative instrumental sections, and creative vox here and there? This album delivers all that. The only downside is that it runs for 57 long minutes. That's a little too long for me and most people. Overall a strong album. 8/10

I know most people here are german but is anyone keeping up with American politics? The first democratic debate just finished and oh boy was it something

Really Fast Album Review (RFAR)
FETID - Steeping Corporeal Mass

FFO: Undergang, Rottrevore

Really good death metal from Seattle. Chunky, brain-smoothing riffs that will please you no matter what mood you're in. A solid listen and potential AOTY contender for 2019.


bro it absolutely sucks trying to go to shows when almost all of them are 21+

The Raspberry Pi 4 just unexpectedly released last night. I can't wait to get one on my hands!

Really Fast Album Review:
Convent Guilt - Guns For Hire

If you love 70s metal/hard rock, you'll love this album. It has great riffs and songs both slow and fast. While the lyrics might be focused around Australian history, they also share very strong parallel to Old Westerns making for quite enjoyable lyrical themes. The drums sound absolutely great with a punchy, deep, bass an aggressive snare. 8/10

Really Fast Album Review:
Invocation Spells - Spread Cruelty in the Abyss

A fairly decent black/thrash album with fast and punchy riffs. Clocking in at 25m means it doesn't overstay its welcome. One thing I hope Invocation Spells does in the future is experiment with the sound and riffs in the future, as they play it pretty by the books as far as black/thrash goes. 6.75/10 (5 being average)

Oh and also some d-beat and mathcore. It's been quite the exploratory week

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My week in music June 14 - June 21. Listened to a lot of PV but also had some black metal in there as well.

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