What editor do you use for ?

I was happy with until Intero got discontinued. Now I'm looking either for a new (easy to set up) Emacs mode or something completely different.

Solutions equally suitable for small scripts as well as real world applications preferred.

It looks as pretty much does what I want.
Thanks for all suggestions non the less (which were surprisingly pretty much dominated by vim, maybe I'll have to get into that some time too)!

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@Aarkon I use vim with the plugins ale, LanguageClient-neovim, haskell-vim and supertab, and hie as the language server in background.
But as either hie or LanguageClient-neovim is acting up, I plan to replace LanguageClient completely with ale.

@Aarkon You may have to adjust your indentation style a bit, because AFAIK no other editor, except for Emacs or calling hindent as external tool, can do such fine-grained indentations.

@schmittlauch I forgot to say that I really like pasting text into my editor. 🤪

@schmittlauch That is not really what I call a hassle free setup, and I already invested in learning the Emacs set of shortcuts. But really, thank you for your suggestion! 😉

@Aarkon According to there are also several language server clients you can use together with the hie server, e.g. lsp-mode and eglot

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