I've heard that you can use Lite with .
Is that true for the fully fledged Fedilab app? Because I can not log in with it ("... The app received a very long error message from the api"). 🤔

@Aarkon At the moment mobile Apps are not supported on
We have to wait until the next update


Sounds like you doesn't use latest version of Fedilab Lite, because Pixelfed is supported since version 2.23.0

Fully fledged Fedilab supports: Mastodon | Peertube | Pixelfed | Pleroma | GNU Social | Friendica

I'm using the free version from f-droid.

@Wolfram I'm using fdroid too and my versions are older than yours, e.g. 2.22.2 for Fedilab. And yes, I just refreshed. 🤔

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