My is stuck in an update at"Updating X fontdir indices..." now since about an hour.
Is there something I can do? 🤔
Will it boot again if I reboot now?

@Aarkon you can look into the logs while it's still running

@uint8_t Do you know from the top of your head which log the pamac updater writes its messages to?

@uint8_t Never mind, /var/log/pacman.log is matching perfectly with what pamac is showing. According to that log, pacman is still not finished with the job:

[2019-10-11 11:54] [ALPM] running 'xorg-mkfontscale.hook'...

Yet I see no associated thread using any resources. Damn.

@uint8_t Is that a safe thing to do or won't that leave a mess that either will keep my OS from booting the next time or pacman won't be able to pick up again?

@Aarkon nah, worst thing that can happen here is some font issues with xterm, and you can try to reinstall the offending package afterward

@Aarkon pacman is simpler and more robust than apt/dpkg in my experience

@uint8_t I hope you're right 🙈 (Won't blame you otherwise though)

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