Where on earth?

I was out and about today. Can you guess where I took this #photo?

You need to be more precise than #Scotland πŸ˜ƒ

Deductive reasoning; Sherlock Holmes would be proud πŸ˜ƒ

@fitheach When you see great planes of water, think of the sea, not of an oasis. ☝🏼

Photo trickery, I'm afraid. I purposefully cropped the #photo so it might appear like the sea. Corran is the narrowest point across Loch Linnhe, hence the ferry location.

South west of Corran is known as An Linne Sheileach (the salty pool), north east of Corran as An Linne Dhubh (the dark pool). Corran is at the boundary between fresh and salt water (sea). You do get kelp & jellyfish at Corran, so very much like the sea.

@fitheach I admit a lake was my first thought due to the mountains.
Yet, Wikipedia says I might still be right: "A coastline [..] is [..] a line that forms the boundary between the land and the ocean or a lake."

I didn't have this definition in my mind though when I posted my reply. πŸ˜…

Agreed. Old usage of coast means "at the side of something". Modern usage: coast is usually sea, a loch (lake) would be shore(line).

Language is an ever changing thing πŸ˜ƒ


@fitheach So are shores/coasts. What a match! 😜

In my childhood, I saw the lochs of Ireland btw., really enjoy the memory. 😍

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