Another reason why I'm releasing them one by one is that, they're not my instrumentals, and releasing an EP for them just wouldn't make sense

But that just means y'all get more music, which is good!

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As for album stuff, that's still awhile out

Slowly but surely chipping away at it though!

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Miasma was already released, Luna has been finished for like a year, and This Tomb Of Mine isn't done yet

So I'll be posting Luna later today!

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Okay so actual update time

Larva EP won't be happening, but instead, the songs that would have been on it are going to be released as singles

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A Moth in Amber is a metal project by; original metal music and vocal covers

Miasma, my first single, is out on SoundCloud:

And YouTube:

Currently working on a Larva EP, a free EP showcasing vocals; and Embers, a full length album of original stuff

Any and all support would be appreciated!

First vocal cover -- Never Forgive, Never Forget by Arch Enemy -- is now available for everyone!

Never Forgive, Never Forget is available to patrons, and will be released publicly on October 12 ♥

The first cover (Arch Enemy - Never Forgive, Never Forget) is finished and will be released to patrons soon!

It'll be available to non-patrons in about a week or so, on YouTube and SoundCloud,,, but until then, here's a preview~

Album version of Miasma is finished!

I'll actually be releasing this for free as a single, just like the original version of the song, so tuned! ♥

Working on the album version of Miasma! Might be closer than expected~

Not quite sure where I am with Born Blood

I'm tempted to rewrite it almost entirely

Embers (the song) is definitely going to need some sort of overhaul as well

Started writing lyrics for The Phoenix,,, it's uh

It's pretty heavy tbh

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